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Our Repair Services and Prices

Pinball Gurus repairs pinball machines both in our shop or at your location, depending on the type of service you require. We repair most types of machines by most makers from Williams, Bally, Stern, Chicago Coin, Sega Pinball, Midway, Data East, Atari, Jersey Jack, Zaccaria, Gottlieb, and many more! We can repair early electromechanical pinball machines from the 1940-1970’s, solid state machines from 1970-1990’s, and modern pinball machines from 1990-today.

We typically service a 30-mile radius of Salem, Oregon.

In Shop Service:
If you bring your machine to our shop in Salem, Oregon we charge a flat rate of $75 per hour, plus the actual cost any parts to repair your machine. If you live in the Salem, Oregon area we can pick up your machine for a flat rate of $150 and will return it to you once the repairs are completed. If you live outside of Salem, and need repairs, you are welcome to bring the machine to us for repair.

Mobile Repair (Within Salem, Oregon):
We charge $150 initial trip charge to diagnose and/or repair your machine(s) at your location if you live in Salem, Oregon, which includes up to one hour of labor. Each additional hour is billed at $95 per hour, plus the cost of any parts. If parts are required and must be ordered, return trips within the Salem area will be billed at $85 per hour with a one-hour minimum to install the part(s).

Mobile Repair (Outside Salem, Oregon) – Maximum of 30 Miles:
Trips outside of Salem, Oregon will incur an additional $1 per mile for mobile repair service. Therefore, if you live 30 miles away from Salem, the trip charge would be $150 + $30 = $180. This includes up to one hour of repair service used to diagnose and/or repair the machine and order parts; each additional hour is $95 per hour. Should parts need to be ordered, and a return visit necessary, we charge $1 per mile, plus $95 per hour with a one hour minimum to install the part(s).

Complete Shop Out Service (In Our Shop Only):
This service includes complete disassembly of the top playfield. We clean and wax the entire playfield surface, including plastics and ramps. All rubber rings and rubber wearable parts are replaced with new parts. We check, adjust, and/or repair all switches to make the game play as it should. All lightbulbs are replaced, and flipper assemblies rebuilt or repaired to ensure full flipper strength. All other mechanism will be checked and repaired for 100% functionality. We also install new pinballs in each machine and may repair or replace any non-functioning leg levelers to ensure smooth and easy operation.

In solid state and modern machines, we inspect the driver transistors, capacitors, and chips to ensure the machine continues to operate as designed.

For electromechanical machines we clean and adjust all contacts, relays, scoring reels, and stepper motors to ensure the game operates as designed.

Typical turn around for this repair is 4-9 business days depending on our schedule and work needed. We can only perform this service in shop. If you need us to pick up and return the machine to you within Salem, Oregon we charge a flat fee of $150 for pickup and delivery. For pickup and delivery outside Salem, please contact us for a price.

Prices for Complete Shop Out Service:

  • Electromechanical machines – $750*
  • Solid state machines prior to 1990 – $850**
  • Digital pinball machines post 1990 – $950**

*May be additional charges for extensive repair and wiring issues charged at our normal shop rate of $75 per hour plus any parts.

**May be additional charges for extensive board repair, replacement solenoids, replacement switches and game specific parts at $75 per hour shop rate plus and parts.

LED Lightbulbs & Installation:
We do complete premium LED lightbulb conversions in shop our shop at a flat rate depending on the era of pinball machine. This will make your machine much brighter, use less electricity, and run at a cooler temperature keeping your playfield plastics from warping or becoming brittle over time.

Electromechanical pinball machines – $250-300 depending on machine and number of bulbs.

Solid State and modern pinball machines – $350 depending on machine and number of bulbs.

Do it yourself light kits are usually around $200.

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