Example Photos for Mini Pinball Machine

Rules for taking great photos:

  1. Take multiple photos of every shot. The more photos you take, the more likely we can find one to use. Taking photos both with and without a flash is important as well.
  2. It is very important that you take each photo lined up and square and parallel to the pinball machine you are photographing. The best way to make sure your photos are square is to use the corner of your viewfinder to ensure the edge of the object are parallel (horizontal and vertical) to all the sides of the viewfinder sides. It is also important that your camera is lined up at the same angle as the object you are photographing… this is why the best method to ensure you have the correct angle is to line up the edges of each object to the viewfinder edges. Photos that are not parallel will not work and will need to be redone for best results.
  3. It is also important to take photos without any shadows, light spots, and/or reflections of you or other objects in the background. To do this you may need to close some blinds and turn off some lights. Using a flash is usually a good idea, but it really depends on the lighting.
  4. We recommend turning the pinball machine on so it is lit up with all the lights on for the decals as in our example photos.
  5. When photographing the backbox, be sure you snap the photo with the machine logo or something that looks good rather than your personal high scores, etc.